Goan Cuisine

Goan cuisine is a historically woven combination of Arabian, Portuguese and native cultures, which is a unique blend of richness and simplicity. Goa is unique in India, because its mixture of East and West co-exists in a friendly and peaceful lifestyle. The best of both worlds has been absorbed and knit into a culture very distinctly different from that of the mainland India and it is reflected in its cuisine.

The staple food in Goa is fish, and the main ingredients are coconut milk, kashmiri chillies and vinegar.

Here are a few of the traditional recipes that you will learn to cook:


Baffado chicken

Chicken Xacuti

Chicken Guisado

Chicken Cafreal

Fish & Seafood

Bangde ambot (Mackerel in coconut curry)

Fish Recheado

Fish Caldinha

Traditional Goan fish curry

Prawn curry

Kurle Ambat (Crab curry)

Crab Xec Xec

Pork Dishes

Goan pork Vindaloo

Pork Sorpotel

Pork chilly fry

Beef Dishes

Beef chilly fry


Black-eyed beans curry

Okra with Onions (Ladyfingers)

Stuffed capsicum

Spicy Aubergine

This list is not exhaustive. The class can be adapted to your culinary wishes. We want you to enjoy unraveling the secrets of this exotic and tasty food. A small cookbook with the main recipes will be provided at the beginning of the class.

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